10 Best Tower Defense games for Android

Tower Defense is always a familiar game genre in the gamer world. Simple gameplay, but rich and challenging. The player’s task is to build towers, collect items, or maybe choose army generals. After that, you will upgrade your forces to defend the base and attack the enemy. This game genre has simple gameplay but it is attractive and appealing to players. The following article will summarize 10 Best Tower Defense games for Android on Apkdone, and each game has the attached image/trailer.

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is set in the Bloons army during the invasion of the city. You need to build perfect defense lines by combining awesome turrets, upgrading towers, summoning various heroes and using amazing abilities. You will do everything to blow up every Bloon on their march. The game owns 20 original maps, some with great 3D objects. You will discover 19 powerful monkey towers, including 2 new monkeys – Druid and Alchemist. The game has 3 upgrade paths, and all monkey towers now have 3 awesome paths in the 5 star upgrade. In each game, you have 20 signature upgrades, two ability to activate shredding on each Hero. In addition, you have over 100 meta upgrades that help buff each group of monkeys or monkey groups.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers poster

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is an upgraded version of the famous defense tower genre. The game has a unique design, a new way of playing, so it attracts the gaming community. You will control your troops in an adventure hero. You protect the strange lands with dragons, human carnivores, and terrible inhabitants of the afterlife. You will create new flashy towers, levels, heroes, and many more amazing things. You will enjoy the intense combat details in battles. You must destroy the monsters to defend the stronghold. The main task is to build the masters to stop the enemy’s move, with a lot of weapons and features to upgrade.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale poster

Clash Royale creates great real-time 3D experience. You will collect and upgrade dozens of cards with your favorite army, magic and defense. You will use Prince, Knight, Dragon, and many more great soldiers. You need to defeat your opponent to win the Cup, the crown and the glory in the Great Arena. Set up a guild to share cards, and build your own fighting community. You can unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing cards. Build your final Battle Deck to defeat your opponents, and progress through many Arena to the top. In addition, you should also set up a Guild to share cards and build your own fighting community, or challenge your friends.

Realm Defense

Realm Defense poster

Realm Defense is the impressive 3D real-time castle defense game. You will fight and conquer with a single defense option. You must fight the Death Knight, and fight alongside other dragons, wizards, ice queens, knights and other ancient gods in the field of magical fantasy adventure. You can use gems, potions, elixir, and amazing spells. You use a lot of power and huge abilities to overcome obstacles in more than 300 levels. You will cross the border hurriedly, passing through lush forests, snow-capped mountains and majestic deserts. You will deploy fast shot archers, magic beams, roaring artillery and many great allies.

Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles is a fiery monkey battle. The game is specially designed to fight in 18 customizable live tracks. You will use many types of towers, and incredible upgrades in attack, or defense. You can confront your friends in 27 customized Battle tracks. The game has 22 amazing monkey towers, and each tower has 8 powerful upgrades. In addition, the game features game modes such as Battle Arena Mode, card battle, Monkey Tower Boost and Bloons Boost. You will create and participate in private matches to challenge 16 great achievements. You can also customize your bloons with decals to win with a signature seal.

Evil Defenders

Evil Defenders

Evil Defender is a hilarious, crazy 3D defense game with a little humor. The game has beautiful graphics and challenging, fierce gameplay. You will build and upgrade powerful defense towers, and use magic to repel enemy forces. Your mission is to protect Lands of Evil from invaders. The game has a huge number of maps and offers creative playability through unique tower upgrades, deep skill trees and 100 great achievements in the game. You will have to overcome challenges with six difficulty modes, and 90 levels on 15 separate mission maps. The game has a large number of upgrades, and 60 separate towers: Old Crypt, Crossbow Goblin, Poison Lord, Basilisk and more. You will discover Five Wastelands, Frostlands, Highlands, Island and Inferno regions. In addition, the game has six difficulty modes, including Challenge mode.

Iron Marines

Iron Marines poster

Iron Marines is an amazing 2D tower defense game. The game is set in a mysterious Western world in the distant future. The task of the player is to build, and maneuver the skillful army to fight against alien enemies. The game has a familiar design style of the previous traditional RTS series, but the image is extremely eye-catching with colorful graphics, funny characters. The game puts a heavy emphasis on tactical elements, which requires players to familiarize themselves with the terrain and map. You need to be proficient in using items, understanding the function of each cylinder. Recruit and train the greatest heroes in the galaxy, and explore military roles like rangers, snipers, flamethrowers and missiles.

Myth Defense LF

Myth Defense LF

Myth Defense LF owns the best elements of the game room tower. The game also includes original features like alchemy, random maps, campaigns and much more. The game possesses superior HD graphics compared to many games of the same genre. Players will experience many features like alchemy, random maps, rescue campaigns, etc. The game has 4 basic maps, 3 special maps and many random maps. You experience campaign mode with 18 maps, 2 independent profiles (Advanced and Casual), various improved skills, 22 tower types, 3 special traps, and share achievements with friends. The game is varied in terrain with swamp, puddles, etc. Besides, the game has 33 levels of rigidity, multilingual interface, and panoramic sound on the battlefield.

Toy Defense Fantasy

Toy Defense Fantasy poster

Toy Defense: Fantasy Tower will provide a great Defense experience like previous versions. The game still inherits the most refined features of the line of tactics. How to play is influenced by the principles of their muscles, and the graphics are excellent and the effects of vivid explosions. The game consists of 96 levels, the system of generals, army, and enemies is extremely diverse with a weekly tournament system. Your mission is to protect the castle from dragons and giant demons with a powerful army. You will protect your medieval fantasy kingdom, and conflict with the enemy. You will be immersed in the battle against waves of orcs and goblins.

Defense Zone 2 HD

Defense Zone 2 HD poster

Defense Zone 2 HD is a kind of modern tower defense war. The game possesses new, stunning and impressive levels than its predecessors. The game has a lot of new weapons, new opponents, and even more amazing substances. The game supports four languages: English, Russian, French and German. You will customize many different weapons and landscapes in battle. So you have great freedom in choosing combat tactics. You will choose the right weapon and location to ensure effective defense. You will create many great air strikes, and use the ability to increase the power of temporary weapons to take advantage. The game has many great elements so make sure you never feel bored during the battle.

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