Game Controller 2 Touch PRO APK 1.6 (Paid for free)

Game Controller 2 Touch PRO APK 1.6 (Paid for free)

April 8, 2021

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Ankit Chowdhury
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Paid for free

The description of Game Controller 2 Touch PRO APK 1.6 (Paid for free)

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Gaming on your smartphones or tablets can be quite relaxing, due to the liberated and flexible touchscreen controls. However, for many competitive mobile title, having to work on the touchscreen will drastically reduce the players’ abilities. Hence, you will definitely find this amazing application of Game Controller 2 Touch PRO to be extremely helpful.

Here, the provided applications will make it a lot easier for you to enjoy the exciting gameplay of any Android games using any available external gamepads. Feel free to enable touch emulations on many games and turn any touch-only games into controller-supported titles. Thus, allowing you to have more fun with your portable gaming experiences.

Find out more about this amazing app from Ankit Chowdhury with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

With the app available, Android users can easily connect their devices to any USB or Bluetooth gamepads and fully utilize the hardware to further enjoy their mobile gaming experiences. Simply enable the touch emulation settings on any specific gamepad models and certain games, which will allow you to comfortably play your favorite mobile titles.

Enjoy the immersive and convenient control options, which will make the selected games a lot more exciting and enjoyable. Make uses of the precise and responsive touch controls to allow you to enjoy the awesome mobile titles to the fullest.

The app is compatible with most of your external controllers and many games. As a result, you can always enjoy the fully-featured application on many selected games.

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For those of you who are interested, you will need to pay to unlock the priced application on the Google Play Store. And at the same time, the app will require a certain external controller to start functioning in your selected games. With many tested controller devices, you can easily connect and activate certain in-app features.

Also, to enable the fully-featured application, you must provide Game Controller 2 Touch PRO will certain access permissions on your system. So make sure to accept the provided requests upon entering the app for the first time.

And last but not least, you should have your Android devices running at the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 4.3 and up, which will make sure that you can enjoy the fully compatible app, especially when working with the latest updates.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and accessible mobile application

To start enjoying the awesome mobile application of Game Controller 2 Touch PRO, you can comfortably work with the simple and accessible in-app UI. Have access to all available options and settings to quickly change the control options for certain games. And make various customizations for different experiences. But most importantly, all the options will be as clear and intuitive as possible, so you can easily work on customizing your gaming experiences.

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Work well on all generic or famous gamepads

To make sure that you can easily work with the mobile app, Game Controller 2 Touch PRO also provides its complete support and compatibility to all generic gamepads and famous controllers, including PS DualShock 4, Xbox 360 Controller, and many other options from renowned brands. Simply connect the selected hardware to your system, using Bluetooth or wired connection, and start enabling the in-pp features so you can enjoy your console-like gameplay on your Android devices.

Customize your controls with various options

At the same time, with the available control settings, you can easily customize the controls for certain games, using many provided features within the mobile app. Enjoy brilliant material designs to customize the UI on each selected game. Enable the unique Momentary Key Press settings to further enjoy your mobile app. Try out the 8-way DPAD to refine your character movements. And enable various touch emulations on the available screen. Thus, allowing you to personalize the controls to the fullest. Feel free to save your settings in any selected profile and make certain edits using the Touch Profile Editor whenever you need.

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Easily manage your profile between games

With all the created profiles for different games, Android users will need certain tools to effectively manage their profiles between games. And here in Game Controller 2 Touch PRO, you can easily organize control profiles on each game, using the provided profile tags on the background images. And with the automatic profile switch, you can easily select the right profiles for your certain games, using the provided presets, without making any manual settings.

Universal virtual touch screen driver to improve compatibility

Also, to enable smooth and satisfying gameplay while using the Game Controller 2 Touch PRO, Ankit Chowdhury also provides the universal virtual touch screen driver that rivals the likes of Octopus and other famous apps. This will ensure that the app can work well with all of your games and successfully enable touch emulations on the selected titles. Plus, if you are using the pro version of Game Controller 2 Touch, you’ll also enjoy better compatibility with all the in-app features.

Make changes to camera movement with Relative Touch system

And for those of you who are interested, you can quickly and easily make changes to camera movements in any compatible games, using the Relative Touch System. Enjoy smooth and natural camera movements while having fun with your selected games.

Also work with Android emulators

To make sure that Android users can enjoy the app to the fullest, Game Controller 2 Touch PRO will now work with all Android emulator apps, which will widen the game library that you can enjoy with the app. Now, you can easily enable external controller settings on your Dolphin, PPSSPP, Drastic, and many famous emulator apps to further enjoy the selected retro games. Enjoy all the available features and settings that are similar to the traditional Android games. Thus, allowing you to have more fun with Game Controller 2 Touch PRO.

Enjoy the free and unlocked app with our mod

Also, with the app currently being listed on the Google Play Store as a priced mobile app, you might want to go for the modified version of Game Controller 2 Touch PRO on our website. Here, you can easily install the app without having to pay anything and feel free to enjoy its fully-featured applications. All it takes is for you to download the Game Controller 2 Touch PRO Mod APK, follow the provided instructions, and you’re good to go.

Final verdicts

With brilliant applications and compatible features, Game Controller 2 Touch PRO will allow Android users to enjoy playing their favorite mobile games while using any external control hardware. Simply connect your controllers or gamepads to the system and enable the app to get precise controls over your selected games. This should make it a lot more comfortably for you to enjoy competitive and demanding mobile games on your touchscreen devices. Not to mention that the free and unlocked application on our website will make sure that you won’t have to pay for it.

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