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19 April 2024 (2 months ago)

App Name Otherworld Legends
Latest Version v1.1.1
Last Updated 19 April 2024
Publisher ChillyRoom
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
Size 155.91MB
Google Playstore
4.6/5 Rating (142903)

The description of Otherworld Legends MOD APK 1.16.0 (Unlimited Money)

Be a legend of all times and spaces in one of the best RPG games after Soul Knight! I bet that you’ll love the design and every detail put into the Otherworld Legends this time. Let’s buff some of the characters who come up with their unique weapons and special fighting styles as well as experience the most satisfying combats in the game.

General information

Otherworld Legends delivers a crisp retro plus high aesthetics, which is one of several reasons players love to give it a shot. The game is made by developer Chillyroom and launched on the 20th of August, 2020. A lot of arcade-typed games have shown up recently, but Otherworld Legends might hook you up due to its caliber and phenomenal experience.

As said above, many players would love this game after doing Soul Knight, However, it simply owns a different style in the same game. Most movements are kind of hard as compared to Soul Knight. In other words, the difficulty of Otherworld Legends gets ramped up much more than you thought.

A lot of fighters coming from different times and spaces reunite to combat in the fantasy created by the sorcerer Asurendra. With all efforts, you and the others must discover the true nature of the weird yet dangerous monster-filled planet. There’s a great variety of characters for you to pick out. Each of them comes with their set of badass skills that you can customize to use during the battles.

With intuitive fights and cool animations, you will find it highly satisfying at first sight. Aside from that, you can explore many unique items along the way. They own several magical effects that may come in handy. Don’t miss your chance to combine those items with your increasing levels, which gives you a different experience every time you play.

Overall assessments

For players, Otherworld Legends is a great game coming up with vivid combats that enable you to experiment with fun items and skill combinations. But a few people still had a problem that three out of their playable characters are unlockable through microtransactions. Second, the multiplayer mode seems a bit complex to some players.

To make up for that, more item merging possibilities show up through the game. The fighters can collect and merge over 90 items. Such a thing will interest you more than ever. Also, Otherworld Legends include epic fighting scenes and moves you probably want to master. The game looks amazing with brilliant combos and cool bosses. Just beat up those fierce monsters and rule the dungeon.

In general, it’s a good game featuring a deep and physics-based combat system plus great character designs. For the animations, I admit that the surroundings are nice-looking with realistic cutscenes. The bosses are fun, and they become progressively harder with different areas.


Like other role-playing games, you need to select your hero out of five strong heroes at your choice with each owning their special weapons and fighting style. And your character is not the only great thing in this dark world. In different areas, you can find all kinds of different foes that try to beat you down, from adorable to dumb creatures and unbelievable monsters.

Let’s beat them up to conquer this mirage world and start your discovery right away. Various worlds having peaceful bamboo forests, zen-like gardens, solemn underground labyrinths, and psychedelic palaces. It’s time to face up to several battle-hardened warriors, gain and combine weird and fun items, just to make the entire game an unforgettable experience.

Trust me, you just can’t miss out on this masterpiece of the Soul Knight team. Known as the recent creation of Ryouga Games, Otherworld Legends won’t let you down. The players get to crack on the best fusion recipes that ask you to explore a flawless set of items suiting your fighting style.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that you should accept losses and deaths. How come? The deeper you venture into the dungeons, the more challenging the confrontations are. However, all of these would be a part of your learning and development process.

Practice your moves and combos to level up your skills. The game will take you from the beginner to intermediate and finally a specialist. You’ve got many characters to select, but three of them get locked behind a paywall.

For starters, we recommend you to focus on mastering Quan Huying. Don’t worry about her as she’s just an inferior character. As long as you use her with the right skills and strategy, she’s able to take you far into the dungeons. Since Quan Huying is a martial expert, her high HP amount and vast physical strength can make up for her short-range attacks.

Last but not least, make sure to survive in the dungeons as long as possible. You need to be more careful about every step. It’s smart to observe your enemies before attacking them. Once they throw a set of moves into you, stand at a safe distance so that you can counter those strikes. Getting hit easily leads you to more hits in a round because a boss might have skills that hit multiple times.

Graphic designs

People love graphics, especially the animation looks chill in different angles. You will love these graphics and user interface at the same time. The players would feel like playing an improved version of Soul Knight though there are only two free-to-play characters.

It seems that the studio has tried hard to make the game with the same formula bringing that sort of classic soul knight feeling back to Otherworld Legends. Everyone loves the visuals they build in the game.

You can freely change skills anytime, which is freaking good! After successfully unlocking three styles of the fight, it’s possible to switch between the attack with Tiger Climb and that with Tiger Claw. Also, depending on how long the adventure goes and the number of rooms you discovered, you will possibly achieve gears and items than what you can equip your characters.

Final words

Otherworld Legends Mod APK has the unique boss fighting and tactics you’d love to experience. It feels much more difficult than you thought because the gameplay is not about a run and gun.

Though the game is really amazing, there are still a few parts that make it unplayable. Bosses are a bit hard to attack. Every time you tried to kill bosses, you died first since the dodge is not very effective. Whenever you try to avoid it, it successfully spikes you. It’s sometimes hard to avoid the attack no matter how you press dodge.

Better than that, the game is brimmed with a great abundance of gears and weapons that are available in the dungeons. Consider what equipment can do before determining which one will go with you in the combat.

In the gear merging chamber, it’s possible to combine the right ones you need to achieve a much stronger gear. Note that the players witness every little thing differently, making the adventure more exciting to explore than ever. Overall, we enjoy the game and will encourage Soul Knight fans to check it out soon.

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